Premio per la migliore regia a Veit Helmer per Gondola

Winners of the International Panorama Competition have been announced
The Jury of the International Panorama competition, composed of film critics Maurizio Porro (president), Fabio Ferzetti and Federico Pontiggia, and of producer Elisabetta Olmi and actress Iris Peynado, has conferred the following awards:

Bif&st 2024 International Award Best Film Director
Veit Helmer
for the film GONDOLA

For the blend of playfulness and seduction that, in a bucolic and Chagallian Georgia, rediscovers the enchantment of silent film and the headlong flight of falling in love, encouraged by two delightful actresses, Nino Soselia and Matilde Irrmann, and the airy confidence in the primacy of image over word.


Bif&st 2024 International Award Best Actress
Dale Dickey
in the film THE G by Karl R. Hearne

For the courage and stubbornness with which she holds together extreme harshness and a secret, perverse tenderness in shaping the most surprising heroine in a competition, never before like this year, rich with female figures called upon to fill the ever-deepening voids in our social scene.

Bif&st 2024 International Award Best Actor
Moussa Sylla
in the film EL SALTO by Benito Zambrano

For his ability to return to us, with his unforgettable face, the tragic collective adventure of an escape that closely affects us and that cinema exposes with its moral force drawing a social horizon that becomes more distant and closer every day.


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