The director of the Bif&st – Bari International Film Festival, Felice Laudadio, has informed the President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano and the Apulia Film Commission Foundation that, at present, conditions for guaranteeing the event, originally scheduled for March 21-28, as well as the desired outcomes that have characterized the festival in its first 10 years of activity, are no longer in place. This is obviously due to the difficulty, or as in several cases, the impossibility now for a number of prominent guests from all over the world as well as from Italy to present their films in Bari, hold cinema master classes and participate in this event, which has always been characterized by a very strong public presence. The cancellation of flights and the unavailability for several guests to participate – tied to the measures undertaken which make it difficult for them to return from Italy to their countries of origin – have particularly impacted this decision. The Puglia Region and the Apulia Film Commission Foundation share the recommendation of director Laudadio and, being in agreement, will endeavor to organize the celebration of Bif&st 2020 on a future date to be announced, while also seeking to preserve the precise and complete program already prepared.

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