From his earliest films, Vincent Perez has stood out for his ability to bring to the big screen diverse characters in a wide variety of international films. He has acted in a vast range of film genres, including dramas, action and romantic films and thrillers.
Some of his most famous roles include his co-starring in Cyrano de Bergerac with Gérard Depardieu, followed by a film that is particularly “dear to us,” Captain Fracassa’s Journey (1991) playing opposite Massimo Troisi, directed by Ettore Scola. Then followed Indochina (1992), where he starred alongside Catherine Deneuve; Beyond the Clouds by Michelangelo Antonioni, appearing alongside Wim Wenders; The Count of Monte Cristo (1998); Queen Margot (1994), Fanfan la Tulipe (2003) and The Summer House, directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.
But there is also Perez the director of distinguished works such as, to name a few: Once Upon an Angel in 2002; The Secret in 2007; the powerful Alone in Berlin presented here this morning and The Edge of the Blade, his most recent film that will be shown tonight.
Vincent Perez, by now celebrating a career which spans 30 years, is an accomplished artist who has remained true to himself, while at the same time bringing different roles to life, thus giving us unforgettable characters not only for their complexity, irony or fragility but also, at times, for their determination and readiness to fight for what they believe in.
Vincent Perez has dedicated himself to serving the vision of directors and authors, enabling them to take full advantage of the great strength of his talent –not bad for a Swiss boy who wanted to become an actor after watching a Charlie Chaplin film at the age of seven.
For these visible and tangible sentiments evidenced in his cinematography, he is awarded the FEDERICO FELLINI PLATINUM AWARD FOR CINEMATIC EXCELLENCE.

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