One Step behind the Seraphim

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by Daniel Sandu with Ştefan Iancu, Vlad Ivanov, Ali Amir, Alfred Wegeman. Romany 2017, 147’, v.o. engl. and it. subt.

Production Hi Film Productions
Daniel Sandu
Editing  Cristian Nicolescu
Cinematography George Dascalescu
Costume DesignCiresica Cuciuc

Romania, nowadays. Gabriel,a 15-year-old teen, wants to become a priest and is admitted to an Orthodox College. Realizing the system is totally corrupted, he is rapidly with 3 other classmates labelled as rebel students by the school board. Caught in the fight for power, the students learn that lying, stealing and betraying are things they have to master in order to survive in the seminary.

In programmazione
27/04 ore 15:30 Teatro Petruzzelli
replica 28/04 ore 9:00 Galleria 2

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