Il giovane favoloso

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by Mario Martone with Elio Germano, Michele Riondino, Massimo Popolizio, Anna Mouglalis. Italy 2014, 145’,
Distribution 01 Distribution
Mario Martone, Ippolita di Majo
Music Sascha Ring
Editing  Jacopo Quadri
Cinematography Renato Berta
Set Decoration Giancarlo Muselli
Costume DesignUrsula Patzak

Giacomo Leopardi is a child prodigy, who grows up under the implacable scrutiny of his father, living in a house that is actually a library. He has a vivid imagination but his home is like a prison to him. Although he reads everything, the actual world is outside. While Europe is changing and revolutions start to break out, Giacomo desperately tries to gain access to the outside world. When he finally leaves Recanati, he is 24 years old and the Italian high society seems willing to welcome him, yet he is a rebel and therefore cannot adapt. In Florence, he engages in a love triangle with the beautiful Fanny and Antonio Ranieri, his bohemian roommate from Naples. Finally, Giacomo moves to Naples with Antonio and they begin to live surrounded by the desperate and yet lively atmosphere of this plebian city. When an epidemic of cholera breaks out in the city, they decide to complete their journey by heading to a beautiful villa immersed in the countryside at the foot of Vesuvius.


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25/04 ore 9:00 Teatro Petruzzelli
a seguire, ore 11:30, Master Class di Mario Martone. Conduce Enrico Magrelli

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