The long silence

by Margarethe von Trotta with Carla Gravina, Jacques Perrin, Alida Valli, Giuliano Montaldo, Paolo Graziosi, Ottavia Piccolo. Italia 1993, 93’,

Production Evento Spettacolo Union P.N., K.G. Productions, Bioskop Film
Distribution UIP
Felice Laudadio
Music Ennio Morricone
Editing Nino Baragli, Ugo De Rossi
Cinematography Marco Sperduti
Set Decoration Antonello Geleng

Carla lives in Rome with her husband Marco, who is a front-line judge. Her life is dominated by extreme fear and, even worse, her husband is constantly being threatened with imminent death due to his investigations. When he actually does die, Carla fights to break the wall of silence, which instigators and perpetrators of several crimes in Italy have always benefitted from.

26/04 at 9:00 Teatro Petruzzelli

free entrance

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